06 octubre 2017

The school of Haru

So proud to have illustrated this book that will be edited October the 18th in Spain in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. A beautiful text full of wisdom and beauty, so necessary these days.

28 septiembre 2017

Nicolaas en de geheime kist / Nicolas et le coffre magique

The postman just arrived home, bringing these pre-X'mas presents. The first book I've made entirely using Procreate and my iPad PRO. It will be edited in the Netherlands for X'mas :)

19 septiembre 2017

Kireei Magazine number 9

This is my collaboration to the beautiful magazine Kireei number 9. Really honoured to be part of it.

16 septiembre 2017

Nicolas et le coffre magique

Another book I've been working on this summer, Nicolas et le coffre magique, the story of the childhood of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). It will be edited in the Netherlands for X'mas.

15 septiembre 2017

Bea baila

Bea baila will be edited by Tres tigres tristes in the Autumn. I'm really looking forawrd to it! :)

31 agosto 2017

17 agosto 2017


Jasmine will always remind me to my grandmoter. WIP for a beautiful project. Happy Summer :)

14 agosto 2017

Skate for Mass Foundation in Australia

This is the finished skate for Mos Fountaion. The exhibition will be held  in Melbourne in October.

01 agosto 2017

When Neil Armstrong built a wind tunnel

Today this book I illustrated earlier this year is edited in the USA, When Neil Armstrong built a wind tunnel.

31 mayo 2017


This is a character out of a new project I'm just starting, Úrsula, the ona and only Bearded Woman.

25 noviembre 2016


When Diane is home alone, she takes the wig, plays chandelier by Sia very loud and start to dance. Se really loves Maddie Ziegler.

16 noviembre 2016

07 noviembre 2016


I saw a photograph of some girls on a dance class and reminded me of a certain character I did last year, so I did it. Just for fun 

14 septiembre 2016

Touching the moon

Touching the moon (Tocar la luna). This is the last book I've made and will be edited in Spain soon by La Fragatina ED. Looking forward to it.

27 agosto 2016

Touching the moon

I'm back to work after a long holiday. This is a spread from the last albur I've worked on, Touching the moon, to be published in Spain soon, hopefully.

05 mayo 2016

They've just arrived

The soft cover Edition of I don't like snakes, by Nicola Davies. Edited by Walker Books this month.