12 octubre 2014

This is the first spread of Burro (El origen), Edited by A buen paso this month.

27 septiembre 2014

BURRO (El origen)

This is the cover of Burro (El origen), to be published in Spain next month by A buen paso Editorial house. Looking forward to seeing it in print.

03 septiembre 2014

I used to work as a graphic designer like 10 years ago, but I haven't done anything really since then. This is an exception for my friend Pepekithen.

20 agosto 2014


This is the main character of a book I'm working on at the moment. To be edited shortly, hopefully.

12 agosto 2014

Elliott Erwitt tribute revisited

I did a tribute to Elliott Erwitt beautiful photograph some years ago. And now I've changed it a little to be printed as a card for Toast at the UK.

31 julio 2014

18 julio 2014

One of the inside illustrations for a perfect little animal, by Rabén & Sjögren. Coming soon in Sweden

10 julio 2014


This is the main character in a book I've been working on these last months. It will be published in the UK, USA and Australia next year by Walker books. I've really enjoyed drawing this little girl and her snake loving family. I'll keep you posted :)

07 julio 2014

05 junio 2014

Ett väldigt bra litet djur

This is the cover for a book I've been working on these last months. It's called Ett väldigt bra litet djur, Swedish for A perfect little animal. It will be published by rabén&sjögren in Sweden soon.

03 junio 2014

New print

I've made some prints of this Paris illo on a very nice paper called Arches Velin Museum, by Camson, 315 gr.

This paper is naturally age-resistant and has a unique fine-grain, smooth surface and structure. It's normally used for photographs, museum-grade applications as well as fine Art printmaking.

The size is A3 and the price 30 Euro plus postage. There's 20 to go.

09 abril 2014

Le estrade del paessagio

For the VIII edition of Le strade del paesaggio Art Festival, that will be held in Cosenza, Italy, from september to november 2014. 

Le strade del paesaggio is a cultural project that wants to connect the environmental context and the human richness of Cosenza to the development policies who recognize an economic development oriented to the culture.

The collective exhibition will include the work of 30 illustrators and the subject is green economy and sustainable energy, as 2014 is the European year of green economy proclaimed by the EU.

I'm representing saving water for the exhibition. Acrylic on paper.

19 febrero 2014

The properties of magnesium

I've been working on this painting for a month in my spare time. It's a tribute to the Danish painter, Vilhelm Hammershøi.

21 enero 2014

Le dejeuner des canotiers

This is s tribute to a well known painting by Renoir. I don't like Renoir at all, but I came across a picture of this painting and loved the composition. It could as well be a lunch at the old Cabopino Chiringuito in Marbella.

27 diciembre 2013

2014, the year of Brasil

A rejected illo for a book cover I'm working on at the moment. The subject is, obviously, football in Brasil.