31 julio 2011

Jackie in Capri

Done with my iPad with an app called Brushes. I'm amazed at the possibilities of this app.

10 julio 2011

Introducing the Ministry of letters

This is the cover of a new book I've been working on for quite a few months. It's called Operation Alphabet and is the presentation of a series called The Ministry of letters.

It will be published in September in the UK by Thames and Hudson. I think it's the best thing I've ever done, so I'm quite happy to see the result in the end.

08 julio 2011

Staying together

This illo is for the next issue of IESE Alumni Magazine. The text talks about the reasons why Managers leave their companies or stick to them.

07 julio 2011

06 julio 2011


A map of Gothenburg on business for the next issue of C&IT Magazine in the UK.