25 febrero 2009


This is the cover for the vynil by dot tape dot. The vynil will be ready in a couple of weeks.

24 febrero 2009

22 febrero 2009

Baboo menu

This is the menu I've designed for the new Baboo Cafe in Malaga. On one side of the A3 menu you have the dishes and prices, and on the other side, a picture I took in Tokyo last summer with my mobile phone.

The restaurant is on the Malaga Plaza Mall.

20 febrero 2009

19 febrero 2009


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and as I still had some time until my silkscreen class started, I sat on a bench and drew what I saw. I've put all these drawings together on an A3.

It's funny 'cause I don't normally draw from natural. I enjoyed myself so much I think I'll do it again. It reminds me the feeling I had while I was drawing. I'll put some colour to it :)

16 febrero 2009

El secuestro del Capitán Pimiento

Esto es un detalle de un libro que he ilustrado para la editorial Bambú. Saldrá publicado en abril. He hecho esta versión en color, aunque el libro se publicará en blanco y negro, menos la portada que irá en color.

El texto es muy divertido, y me ha recordado al Inspector Clouseau y a la película española "Atraco a las 3", así que me he basado en esa estética para hacer las ilustraciones.

The kidnapping of Captain Pepper
This is a detail of one of the inside illustrations for a book I've just finished. It will be published in Spain in April. I've made this one in colour but it will be published in black and white but the cover.

The text is very funny and It reminded me a little to Inspector Clouseau and ganster films from the 60's, so I've taken inspiration from that for the illustrations.

11 febrero 2009


He hecho la ilustración y el diseño gráfico de este vinilo single del músico .tape.

Contiene 2 remixes de Árbol y Fibla.

Puedes escuchar la música de .tape. aquí

Y puedes comprar el vinilo aquí

I've made the illustration and graphic design for this 7" vynil from the artist .tape.

It contains two remixes from artists Arbol and Fibla.

You can listen to .tape. music here

And if you like it, you can order it here

06 febrero 2009

Reciclaje 2

Y ésta es la tercera ilustración que se publica este mes en DEFRA, en Gran Bretaña.

Recycling 2

And this is the second illustration tat's been published this month for DEFRA, UK.

01 febrero 2009

Gum & Butts

Y ésta es otra de las tres ilustraciones que aparecen este mes en Landscape Magazine, la revista de DEFRA, del Gobierno Británico).

And this is the second of the three illustrations that will be published this month in Landscape Magazine, in the UK.