25 noviembre 2016


When Diane is home alone, she takes the wig, plays chandelier by Sia very loud and start to dance. Se really loves Maddie Ziegler.

07 noviembre 2016


I saw a photograph of some girls on a dance class and reminded me of a certain character I did last year, so I did it. Just for fun 

14 septiembre 2016

Touching the moon

Touching the moon (Tocar la luna). This is the last book I've made and will be edited in Spain soon by La Fragatina ED. Looking forward to it.

27 agosto 2016

Touching the moon

I'm back to work after a long holiday. This is a spread from the last albur I've worked on, Touching the moon, to be published in Spain soon, hopefully.

05 mayo 2016

30 marzo 2016

Miles of smiles book...

...has finally made his way home. Dedicated to Máximo. Wen he smiles at me in the morning, makes my day :)

14 marzo 2016

El dragón lector Birthday party

I'll be in Madrid next Wednesday to celebrate El Dragón lector birthday party (and almost mine) among very good friends. Come join us if you're around.

08 marzo 2016

El dragón lector 2015 Award

I'm happy that The bonsai pruner (El podador de bonsais ) has been selected as best children's book edited in 2015. The best editor has been A buen paso, with whom I'm proud to have worked with.

22 febrero 2016

El último gato birmano

Just got home the sample of the book The last Birmanian Cat, by Rosa Moya, edited in Spain by Editorial Bambú with the layout by Miquel Puig. It's a real pleasure working with such professional and talented people

13 enero 2016

12 enero 2016

Map of Spain

Map of Spain for The Independent Newspaper Supplement in the UK, in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Board.