24 octubre 2011

12 octubre 2011


Thanks to all who passed by the opening yesterday. It was great to have so many friends aroun

05 octubre 2011


My first exhibition as an illustrator with the work I've done these last years. In Barcelona next Tuesday. See you there :)

03 octubre 2011

21 septiembre 2011

The MInistry book has arrived home. The impression and paper look beautiful. I'm really proud of myself.

The book can be bought here.

18 septiembre 2011

Unknown cat

This cat has been born in train stations and airports, no strange he likes traveling so much.

I've made this as an iPhone wallpaper (He quite also likes technology).

I have quite a few ideas, but he hasn't got a name yet.

04 agosto 2011

31 julio 2011

10 julio 2011

Introducing the Ministry of letters

This is the cover of a new book I've been working on for quite a few months. It's called Operation Alphabet and is the presentation of a series called The Ministry of letters.

It will be published in September in the UK by Thames and Hudson. I think it's the best thing I've ever done, so I'm quite happy to see the result in the end.

08 julio 2011

Staying together

This illo is for the next issue of IESE Alumni Magazine. The text talks about the reasons why Managers leave their companies or stick to them.

06 julio 2011

12 junio 2011

Para el próximo número de la revista de antiguos alumnos de IESE.

For the next issue of IESE Alumni Magazine.

08 junio 2011

Para un artículo sobre el aprendizaje del liderazgo. EN el próximo número de la revista de antiguos alumnos de IESE.

For an article about learning leadership capabilities, in the next issue of IESE Alumni Magazin

29 mayo 2011


La idea es hacer una ilustración para cada estación , como en la película Smoke, donde un hombre ponía una cámara cada día en el mismo lugar y fotografiaba la misma esquina. Lo único que cambiaba era el tiempo y la gente que pasaba por allí.

The idea was to make an illo for each season, like the movie Smoke, where this man put a camera everyday on the same place and took a picture. The picture shows the same place everytime. The only thibg that changes is the weather and the people that passes by.