21 agosto 2015

The bonsai pruner

I have finished The bonsai pruner after many years, and many versions during this time. It will be published in Spain in October by Tres tigres tristes Ed. Thanks to the editors, and to José Campanari for the beautiful text. It's the third book I've done this summer. I really need a holiday now.

14 agosto 2015

The bonsai pruner

These days I'm working on the last book I'm doing this summer until my well deserved holidays in September. This is for The Bonsai pruner, that will be finally edited in Spain in october by Tres tigres tristes. It seems like I'm traveling to Japan with Yoshi and his family.

01 agosto 2015

Una vaca

Una vaca (A cow) A beautiful text by Juan Arjona. Edited by A buen paso in Spain. Out in the winter